Volume 29, Issue 5 (2022) October

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Case Reports


Recurrent cyanotic spells in an octogenarian
Chin Tong Kwok and Chun Kit Wong


Old but not Vain : Two Cases of Refractory Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia associated with Coronary Artery Disease successfully treated with Quinidine
Tit-Kei Ng, Tommy King-Him Ma, Chi-Chun Au, Janice Woon-Yan Wong, Jenny Nga-Lai Chow, Andrew Vincent Li, Adrian Yin-Cheung Luk, Sze-Wah Lai, Candy Ming-Yan Cheuk, Jaclyn Chi-Lin Chan, and Li-Wah Tam


Dr CHAN Ngai Yin
Issue Editor
Prof. Erik Fung