Instruction For Reviewers

Review process

The Co-Editors-in-Chief will assign a submitted manuscript to an Issue Editor. The Issue Editor will recommend reviewers from the Editorial Board of JHKCC or ad-hoc reviewers will be invited. Once the evaluations from 2 reviewers are ready, the Issue Editor makes a decision and send to the Co-Editors-in-Chief for approval. If there is disagreement between the 2 reviewers, the Issue Editor may send the manuscript to the third reviewer for second round review.

Reviewer should make one recommendation from the following categories. Reviewers should ensure that their recommendation matches the contents of their reviews.

  1. Accept: No revision on the manuscript is necessary. Publication process for the manuscript will be initiated.
  2. Minor revision: The manuscript has great potential to be published in JHKCC. Revision is necessary to address the concerns of the reviewers. Reviewers will re-evaluate the revised manuscript in the next round.
  3. Major revision: Significant revision is required before re-consideration for publication in JHKCC. Some of the manuscripts recommended in this category may not reach priority for publication even after submission of a revised version for re-evaluation.
  4. Reject: The manuscript has low priority for publication in JHKCC and is rejected on first round of the review process.

Reviewer guidelines

The Editorial Board of JHKCC strives to provide a fair and prompt review process for all the submitted manuscripts and to publish high-quality work. That depends remarkably on the time and effort of our reviewers. To ensure a quality review process, the following serves as guidelines for reviewers.

  1. Promptness: Reviewers should complete their reviews within the suggested time-frame. The first-round reviews should typically be submitted within 10 days for original study, review articles and case reports.
  2. Rigor: Reviewers should read the entire manuscript and provide reviews including strength as well as weakness of the manuscript in details. It is useful for the reviewers to ask themselves “is it new, is it true, is it important?”
  3. Anonymity: JHKCC adopts a double-blind review process. Therefore authors and reviewers are not informed of the other’s identities. If reviewers believe that they are unable to provide fair reviews because of the awareness of the authors’ identify or have potential conflict of interest, please contact the editorial office for advice.